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The Winner

An extraordinary career started with his first Atlantic crossing at 19 years of age, Loick Peyron won La Route du Rhum at 54 and has packed the intervening years with some fantastic stories and results. 

Skipper of the Maxi Solo Banque Populaire VII
Born on 1st December 1959 in Nantes, lives in Le Pouliguen
Married with 4 children

In the Peyron family, the passion for sailing is in the genes. It was on the waters around the Loire Estuary off Le Pouliguen that Loïck and his two brothers, Bruno and Stéphane, encouraged by their father, took up sailing. In 1972, his uncle, Jean-Yves Terlain took him to the launch of Vendredi 13, aboard  which he was to compete in the Transatlantic Race from Plymouth. Impressed, the twelve-year old that some people had already nicknamed the Last of the Mohicans, was already thinking about becoming a professional sailor. From that point on, the youngster would spend his time speeding along the water and his hobby of sailing became an ongoing quest for performance. 

So it was decided. He would become an ocean racer. At the age of 19, he carried out his first solo Atlantic crossing.

 In the 90s, at the helm of the Fujicolor trimaran, he won many races and no fewer than four ORMA championship titles (1996, 1997, 1999 and 2002). Loïck Peyron has never stopped sailing and has gained experience on all sorts of boats. He went through them all and over the years has achieved a remarkable list of achievements in ocean races. In particular, he has won the transatlantic race from Plymouth on three occasions, taken part in four round the world voyages and crossed the Atlantic 48 times, 17 of which were solo crossings.

 With this exceptional list of achievements, Loïck is also gifted with an outstanding ability to communicate, always willing to share his passion for sailing. Awarded the Legion of Honour in France, he is so much more than an exceptional sailor, as he has also served as an advisor in boat building projects, following in the tradition of great names like Eric Tabarly.

 2. An exceptional career
- In 1985, on "Lada Poch", he won the Round Europe race.

- In 1985, he won a leg in the Solitaire du Figaro.

- In 1987, on "Lada Poch 2", he won the La Baule-Dakar.

- In 1990, aboard "Lada Poch 3", he finished second in the Vendée Globe Challenge, in spite of going to the assistance of Philippe Poupon who had capsized.

- Between 1992 and 2005, he was eight times winner of the Trophée Clairefontaine and twice winner of the Transatlantic Race.

- Between 1993 and 1999, he achieved 13 Grand Prix wins and two second places in fifteen events.

3. From 2000 to today

 - In the 2000-2001 edition of The Race, on the maxi trimaran Innovation Explorer, he finished second and completed the crewed round the world race in 64d 22hrs 32mins 38secs.

- In 2001, on the "Fujifilm" trimaran, he won the Transat Jacques Vabre.

- In 2005, he achieved his second win in the Transat Jacques Vabre with Jean-Pierre Dick on the 60-foot monohull Virbac-Paprec.

- Between 2005 and 2007, he won eight out of the nine races he competed in.

- In 2006, the Rothschild family named Loïck Peyron General Director of Team Gitana. The team had a 60-foot boat built, "Gitana Eighty", aboard which Loïck Peyron won the 2008 Transatlantic Race.

- Loïck Peyron was part of the Alinghi adventure in 2010 alongside Ernesto Bertarelli, taking up the position of co-helmsman for the America's Cup.

-On 4th April 2011, after three months at sea with Jean Pierre Dick, skipper of "Virbac Paprec 3", he won the Barcelona World Race

- As skipper of the Maxi Trimaran Banque Populaire V in 2011-2012, Loïck won the Jules Verne Trophy and set three other records: the SNSM record, the Round Britain and Ireland record and the Fastnet.

- In 2013 he became co-helmsman for Artemis in the 34th America's Cup

4. Loïck Peyron in figures

−  49 Atlantic crossings, 18 of which were solo

−  4 round the world voyages

−  5 ORMA championship titles


- 2013 - Co-helmsman for Artemis in the 34th America's Cup



- Jules Verne Trophy record in 45 days 13 hours 42 minutes and 53 seconds



- Record for the Equator to the Equator in the Jules Verne Trophy with a time of 32 days, 11 hours, 51 minutes and 30 seconds

- Indian Ocean Record (Cape Agulhas /South of Tasmania) in the Jules Verne Trophy with a time of 8 days 7 hours 22 minutes and 15 seconds

-Rolex Fastnet Race record on Banque Populaire V with a time of 32 hours, 48 minutes and 46 seconds

- Round Britain and Ireland record on Banque Populaire V with a time of 3 days, 3 hours, 49 minutes and 14 seconds

- SNSM Record: Winner and record holder with a time of 11 hours, 48 minutes and 30 seconds on the Maxi Banque Populaire V

- Barcelona World Race : Winner on Virbac Paprec 3 with Jean-Pierre Dick



- SNSM Record: Winner on the Gitana Eighty monohull

- The Transat: Winner on Gitana Eighty

- Spi Ouest France : Winner on Domaine du Mont d'Arbois, an Open 7.50 belonging to Gitana Team



- Transat Ecover BtoB : Winner on the Gitana Eighty monohull (solo)

- Transat Jacques Vabre : 8th on Gitana Eighty with Jean-Baptiste Levaillant (double-handed)

- Bol d'Or on Lake Geneva : Winner on Okalys (D35)



- Julius Baer Challenge: Winner on Okalys (D35)



- Bol d'Or on Lake Geneva: Winner on Okalys (D35)

- Julius Baer Challenge : Winner on Okalys (D35)

- Transat Jacques Vabre : Winner of the double-handed transatlantic race on Virbac-Paprec alongside Jean-Pierre Dick

- Route des Iles Sailing Race: Winner with Dimitri Deruelle

- Trophée Clairefontaine : Winner



- Transat Jacques Vabre : 2nd in the double-handed transatlantic race on the trimaran Belgacom alongside Jean-Luc Nélias

- Solitaire du Figaro : 6th



- Trophée Clairefontaine : Winner



- Transat Jacques Vabre : 3rd on the Fujifilm trimaran

- The Race : 2nd on the catamaran Innovation Explorer



- Trophée Clairefontaine : Winner

- Transat Jacques Vabre : 1st on the trimaran Fujicolor II with Franck Proffit

- Course de l'Europe : 1st on the trimaran Fujicolor II



- Trophée Clairefontaine : Winner

- Route du Rhum : 5th on Fujicolor II
- Course de Phares : Winner on Fujicolor II



- Trophée Clairefontaine : Winner

- Course de l'Europe : Winner on Fujicolor II

- Transat Jacques Vabre : 3rd on Fujicolor II



- Transatlantic Race: Winner on Fujicolor II

- Trophée Clairefontaine : Winner

- Quebec-Saint-Malo : Winner on Fujicolor II

- Fécamp Grand prix: Winner on Fujicolor II



- Trophée Clairefontaine : Winner

- Course de l'Europe : Winner on Fujicolor II

- Fécamp Grand prix: Wiçnner on Fujicolor II

- Saint Nazaire Grand Prix: Winner on Fujicolor II



- Trophée des Multicoques (Multihull Trophy) : Winner on Fujicolor II

- Twostar : 2nd on Fujicolor II



- Trophée des Multicoques (Multihull Trophy): Winner on Fujicolor II

- Transat Jacques Vabre : 3rd monohull on Fujicolor II

- Course de l'Europe : Winner on Fujicolor II 

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Absolute Maximum!

Absolute Maximum!

All time record 122 entries for the 40th Anniversary Route du Rhum-Destination Guadeloupe ! Although the maxiumum entry quota for the 40th anniversary Route du Rhum - Destination Guadeloupe was set initially at 100 boats as soon as registration opened in October 2017 it very soon became evident that demand was outstripping supply. And so by January 31st, the number of entries increased to 120. A few days after the official closing of registration the record entry was announced for this 40th year anniversary edition On November 4, 2018 there will be the biggest ever number of solo racers setting off from  from Saint-Malo heading for Pointe-à-Pitre in Guadeloupe. Fittingly this is an historic number for a legendary race.


YEMA becomes the official timekeeper of the Route du Rhum-Destination Guadeloupe 2018

YEMA becomes the official timekeeper of the Route du Rhum-Destination Guadeloupe 2018

OC Sport Pen Duick, the owner and organiser of the Route du Rhum-Destination Guadeloupe 2018, is pleased to announce that the iconic French sports watchmaker YEMA is to be the official timekeeper for the race.