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11/19 - 21h59

Caseneuve first to Guadeloupe in the Rhum Class

Anne Caseneuve (Aneo) crossed the finish line of the 10th Route du Rhum-Destination Guadeloupe on Wednesday 19th November at 20:06:03hrs UTC as winner of the Rhum Class which had mustered six multihulls and 14 monohulls.

The solo skipper of Aneo took 17d 7h 6m 3s for the 3542 miles between Saint-Malo and Pointe-a-Pitre but in reality sailed 4740 miles at an average speed of 11.42 knots.
This is Caseneuve's fifth Route du Rhum after competing in 1998 in the Class 2 multihulls in which she finished 24th, in 2002 she was second, she abandoned in 2006 and was seventh in the Multi50 Class in 2010.

On her 50 ft trimaran once she found her stride after the two days of tough gales she really had little in the way of close opposition, the other Multihulls in the Rhum class were smaller  or designed for cruising. And of the monohulls only Andrea Mura (Open 50, Vento di Sardegna) could claim to have paced her early on, in the first phase of the race, but thereafter she just extended progressively at the front of the fleet.  

But she sailed a smooth, accomplished race. After Cape Frehel she was soon in the lead before she began the long descent between Ushant and Finisterre. She stayed true to her strategy, working south while Andrea Mura sailed a more northerly route, closer to the Rhumb line by the Azores. Caseneuve was nearly 200 miles closer to the coast of Spain at one point, working close to Madeira and the Canaries before making more west quickly.

Caseneuve negotiated the first days of gales in good shape and so was able to press the 50 foot multi at close to 100%. She immediatly gains when Mura, her nearest rival gets snared in the light winds emanating off the SE corner of the Azore high. From there she really only lengthened her stride, soon having 350 miles on the Italian and 500 miles on Wilfred Clerton (Cap au Cap Location).
And she seemed able to just extend progressively, 50 miles or more each day. After 17 days of racing she is 650 miles ahead, and well into the peloton of Class 40.
In the end she finishes in 17d 7h 6m 3s two days better than the defending champion Andrea Mura (2010 19d 09h 40m 30s)

She said: 

Anne Caseneuve " It was a good race, my race was fluid, I did not break nothing. I enjoyed it and it was fast. The start was hard it was a real highlight. But is is a great race and I love it. I am glad to finish and this place is great.

"In this Rhum class, I improved over time, but I have not improved my race time because I've been faster. There were perfect conditions, the sustained wind all the time during the trades,  that was superb. My boat is powerful and so fast. I had a rudder problem I was a little limited in the speeds. But this is not very serious jus uncomfortable. I n 'not have the positions of competitors, I learned that Sir Robin Knox Johnston was third. it's really magic, it's a great sailor. I respect him a lot, I would like be there to greet him. this is my last Route du Rhum, I have done five, that's it"  

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Absolute Maximum!

Absolute Maximum!

All time record 122 entries for the 40th Anniversary Route du Rhum-Destination Guadeloupe ! Although the maxiumum entry quota for the 40th anniversary Route du Rhum - Destination Guadeloupe was set initially at 100 boats as soon as registration opened in October 2017 it very soon became evident that demand was outstripping supply. And so by January 31st, the number of entries increased to 120. A few days after the official closing of registration the record entry was announced for this 40th year anniversary edition On November 4, 2018 there will be the biggest ever number of solo racers setting off from  from Saint-Malo heading for Pointe-à-Pitre in Guadeloupe. Fittingly this is an historic number for a legendary race.


YEMA becomes the official timekeeper of the Route du Rhum-Destination Guadeloupe 2018

YEMA becomes the official timekeeper of the Route du Rhum-Destination Guadeloupe 2018

OC Sport Pen Duick, the owner and organiser of the Route du Rhum-Destination Guadeloupe 2018, is pleased to announce that the iconic French sports watchmaker YEMA is to be the official timekeeper for the race.